Change wBounce display status with a filter

wBounce is already an excellent powerful WordPress plugin. It is used to display popups on website, but do it smart: only bother visitor once he is about to leave anyway. When he moved mouse out of active window, probably aiming to (X) close it.

Here is how I use it, quite successfully: (watch live example here)

wbounce how to use

It have brought me 500% more email subscribers than a sidebar widget. While wBounce is highly effective, it’s not as hateful as other effective marketing methods. For my own sites, I choose wBounce. Highly recommend it!


But sometimes you don’t want to show a popup. It can be disabled manually for each post, and after this pull request it can also be disabled (or enabled, if that's what you want) dynamically with a filter.

If it’s hidden, keep it hidden. If post has hide_metrika meta set to true, then hide wBounce as well.

Now you can dynamically hide/show wBounce on your pages with any conditions you like!